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Alignment surveys is predominately used where linear alignment is of utmost importance. The one in sixty rule states that when an error of one degree is made in the alignment then after sixty miles the offset would be to the tune of one mile. Sub-sea pipelines are being laid to carry crude oil from Middle East countries to India. If alignment survey is not carried out at regular intervals the pipelines would never reach the destination. If a detour is thus made it will inflate the cost of the project as a onetime measure but on a regular basis the pumping cost will increase as the crude has to be pumped to a longer distance.

Lying of the railway line is another area that requires very high calibre of alignment survey. Indian Railways at present has railway engines that are averaging a speed of over one hundred twenty kilometres. Such high speeds do require very high accuracy of alignment surveys. Tolerance in such cases is not permitted. Trains often have to pass through hill features through a tunnel in order to reduce distance. Tunnels are dug up from both the ends simultaneously. Using alignment survey it is ensured that the two ends meet at the designated spot. Metro rail is using alignment survey to lay new tracks underground. Although alignment survey is equally important for laying railway lines on the surface, but the criticality is increased many fold when the same is to be done underground or on the seabed under water.

Alignment of suspension bridges is also important and the same is done after an alignment survey as loading on the structure increases when the structure is misaligned. This misalignment will give rise to lateral force which in turn will cause the structure to crack.

In order to ensure that we do not end up in a loss due to misalignment, it is imperative that we spend some money on alignment surveys so that greater losses can be avoided later on.