Land Dividingn

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The exploratory or reconnaissance survey was a rapid, yet careful, study of the area under consideration. Surveyors had to understand the nature of the country and be able to assess its economic potential. All possible routes had to be examined with construction and operational costs of a projected railway borne in mind. Gradient, curvature, the necessity for cuts and fills, bridging and tunneling, all had to be considered; matters only an experienced surveyor could judge. Distances were usually paced, directions obtained by prismatic compass, and heights determined by aneroid barometers. A generalized map could then be compiled on the basis of the data collected.

During construction of the railway line resident engineers would be located at intervals along the right-of-way. Besides making sure that any discrepancies in the location survey had been corrected, further improvements in the alignment made, if required, and all the guide stakes kept in place, the engineers made sure that all specifications and plans were adhered to and all contractual obligations observed

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