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One of the leading surveys company, based at Delhi. We are the combination of expertise, technology and highly innovative staff and latest equipments

At DSE Survey Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we have an expert team of building surveyors. We provide you with the best of the lot surveyors, who will cover every aspect of your project. our surveyors are well experienced and proficient in areas concerning insurance and legalities of the matters associated with the survey. Also, to provide a cutting edge, we have surveyors who have expertise in scrutinizing the particular aspects of the building you want surveyed. Thus, as far as building surveys are concerned, DSE Survey Engineering Pvt. Ltd. figures among the best.

Though, with DSE Survey Engineering Pvt. Ltd., chances of something going wrong are really rare, but still, being a premier surveying firm, we do not want to take chances. The building condition surveys that we carry out at DSE Survey Engineering Pvt. Ltd., are wide-ranging in the sense that they include every potent loss to be envisaged and give you the accurate picture. The workforce at DSE Survey Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is well trained and experienced to sail you through and do not just alert the client to the potential losses, but also give in their best to mitigate these losses.

In a building surveys all available elements of the said property are thoroughly examined. Although as per the client requirement or request only some positive areas can be included to cover particular concerns of the client, which they might have about the particular property. The building surveysor will amend and analyse the property as per your needs.

People working in this professional are known as Building surveysors. They are specially trained with the training known as building pathology, this training make them very efficient to deal and analyse all phases of property, these have a building surveysors have a wide considerate understanding of all the end implications of decisions taken by this professions and trades during the realisation process. Building surveysors work directly and indirectly with architects, planners, quantity surveysors, engineers, homeowners and tenants groups.